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Jul 25, 201309:49 AMVan Lines

with Joe Vanden Plas

What Aaron should say to Ryan

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Braun: “Fine, but how much humble pie do I have to swallow?”

Rodgers: “In case it hasn’t dawned on you, and apparently it hasn’t, humble pie is going to be a staple of your diet for the foreseeable future. This isn’t going to be behind you once your suspension is served. It isn’t going to be behind you when you arrive for spring training next year. It isn’t going to be behind you until you’ve demonstrated enough contrition and proved, over the next few years, that you didn’t need PEDs to be a Major League baseball star. Had you confessed right away, it might be different, but you put a lot of people through the wringer, and now you have a big rebuilding job on your hands.”

Braun: “I know that, but …”

Rodgers: “No buts about it. Remember, there is such a thing as forgiveness and redemption. Think about it, man. We’ve got a creepy politician tweeting his junk all over, and until recently, it looked like he might become mayor of New York. The public is very forgiving, but you have to be willing to meet them halfway. That means taking your lumps, understanding how your actions have hurt other people, and waking up and flying right. You’re never going to completely remove the taint, and no matter what you accomplish, you can probably kiss the Baseball Hall of Fame goodbye, but you can be redeemed to some extent.”

Braun: “But not completely.”

Rodgers: “No. You put yourself in jail, but you can still be paroled. Not pardoned, but paroled.”

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