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Tips & Techniques for Engaging Customers With Social Media

Many organizations have realized the importance of integrating social media tools into their online customer engagement armamentarium. Among the tools that are being adopted are Twitter Feeds, Blogs, RSS Feeds, Facebook Pages, Myspace Pages, LinkedIn Profiles & Groups, Google Buzz and YouTube Channels. Some organizations, especially in the consumer space, are experimenting with location-based mobile check-in tools like Gowalla or the increasingly popular Foursquare, for generating loyalty-based engagement including recognizing the "Mayor" or highest utilizer or consumer of your service.

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The 311 — Food Tweets & Treats

Given my interest in food and professional persona as the Web Chef, I though it only appropriate to contribute to the conversation on how restaurants, food purveyors and other retailers can put Twitter to use. The topic is timely as evidenced by the "Social Media 101" session on the menu for the Wisconsin Restaurant Association's Expo 2010 Tech Training on March 9th. As a supplement to the 101 session and as tips for many types of businesses, here's a Twitter 311, covering five key areas for using Twitter in your social media mix.

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Tech Groups — In and Around Town

While the Madison area isn't as well known as the Silicon Valley when it comes to technology innovation and companies, it is the home of a growing number of e-businesses, including: online retailers Alice, ArtfulHome, CityDictionary, ShopBop and WisconsinMade.

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Big Ten (times 2) in '10

No, this isn't a sports story. Rather it's a story looking at the e-business and marketing trends for 2010. It's the time of the year when prognosticators of all stripes come forward with their projections for the New Year. Given that 2010 is the start of the next decade, let's first see what other experts are identifying as the salient trends. Each trend below has been extracted from a different list of e-business and marketing projections for 2010.

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Boundaryless Life - Relational Firewalls Come Tumbling Down at Work and at Play

The continued growth of social media, adoption of smartphones, expanding wireless access and growth of the free agent worker are leading many of us to an "always on" reality where the boundaries between work and play are becoming increasingly difficult to define and to maintain. This lack of boundaries has created communication challenges for friends, colleagues, clients, workers and managers alike; as each of us struggles with who to friend or not; who to follow or not; what to say or not; what to share or not; and how to present ourselves or not; in our various public and private personas.

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