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with Paul Gibler


Present while absent

It has been several weeks since I've written a blog posting for the Web Chef's Cafe. Some of you may know that one reason for this deficiency is that while I've been absent in writing a blog posting, I've been present in a new role at In Business as the new digital media publisher.

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My Digital Cup Runneth Over

As the Web Chef, I continue to love digital media in all its many forms and levels of interaction, but lately I've been feeling overwhelmed by the abundance of information that this multi-faceted channel generates. Whether from search or "traditional" e-mail or social media or RSS feeds or mobile or any of the myriad of ways to communicate, connect, create or buy online; my digital cup runneth over.

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On the M-train: Mobile Mover or Mired Marketer?

Mobile marketing is moving faster than the high speed rail that will soon whisk tourists, students, entrepreneurs and more between state's two main hubs and on to world-class Chicago. It's now time for you to get on the M-train before it leaves you behind. (Are you listening Oconomowoc?)

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6 Steps to Make Your Company a LinkedIn Superstar

A couple of months ago I wrote about tips to use social media for your business. Since then the opportunities have continued to grow with the arrival of enhancements to many of the leading social media champions — LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, SlideShare, etc. This month, I'd like to focus on reviewing enhancements to LinkedIn and on how your business can participate with this engagement tool.

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An Abbreviated A-to-Z of Marketing Technology TLAs

From AAF to CPA to DMA to FFA to IBM to KPI to NFL to RAM to USB, every discipline generates its own TLA or Three Letter Acronyms to simplify complex or lengthy descriptive terminology while improving mnemonics or the memorability of the phrase. Given the limitations of our 26-character alphabet, there are only so many unique TLAs, so we often find that the same three letters are used over and over again across disciplines and geography with vastly different meanings. Some of these TLAs, like MBA or NFL or USA, have become mainstream identifiers that cross cultural and disciplinary boundaries over time.

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