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From showrooming to showstopping – 15 tips to engage customers

The world of retail is in a state of flux as retail channels, communications tools, and techniques rapidly shift – largely driven by changing consumer behavior coupled with new mobile technologies. On the decline are traditional enclosed shopping malls, now showing their age, along with traditional department and grocery stores.

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From cubicle to cloud: the growth of telework and the digital workplace

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending an all-day event on the future of the digital workplace. Sponsored by TDS, it brought together a number of TDS executives from a range of disciplines; their business partners at Paula Hahn Strategic Communications, Polycom, John Roach Projects, and Gossip Genie; along with my fellow bloggers – Kris Cain @LittleTechGirl, Catherine Morgan @PointA_Point B, Tommy Clifford @ TommyTRC, Tom Snyder @TriveraGuy, and Don Stanley @3rhinomedia.

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Pinterest – visual asset accelerator

Pinterest, a visual scrapbooking social network site, has taken the world by storm, as people and businesses identify and share images and videos with others around the world. In its 2012 Digital Marketer Report, Internet tracking service Experian estimates that Pinterest utilization has accelerated to the point where it is now the third-largest social network by number of users.

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Prognostications – Implications 2012

As the year comes to an end, the gifts have been opened (and some are ready to be returned), and it’s time to think about 2012. To help in this quest, I’ve been tracking predictions and trend projections from throughout the tech, marketing, and online worlds. I thought I’d share some of these with you in this year-end prognostication for 2012, along with giving you some insights on the implications of these projections for your brand and/or business.

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Tell it, sell it with pictures...

Ever since the advertising trade came up with the cliche “a picture is worth a thousand words,” visualization of content has played a role in simplifying and conveying meaning in a way that text doesn’t always achieve. With text relying on interpretation filtered through the lens of our multitude of experiences, the pictures that are painted from reading about something can be all over the map.

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