The Gray Area

with Donna Gray


What squirrels can teach us about business preparedness

Mother Nature began October in Dane County with above-average heat, then spirit-dampening rain, and then the return of cold weather. Of course, along with the cold comes the promise of a colorful fall season.

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Everything comes down to customer experience

I think most of us who are frequent buyers enjoy walking into a business and being recognized by management or the front-line team.

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Patience is a virtue in business

Everything happens fast in today’s business world, which exists in the age of pretty much instant everything.

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Never-ending customer service

We live and work in an age of almost instant gratification. Customers are in a hurry. They want something more and they want it NOW!

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Business leaders shouldn’t neglect a summer vacation

Constantly refusing to take time off is an unhealthy practice and can be counterproductive to the business or organization.

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