The Gray Area

with Donna Gray


Customer experience isn’t the only experience that matters at healthy companies

Experience is important in employee retention. Turnover is expensive.

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It pays to have a strategy, even an unconventional one

Walking down memory lane, I was thinking about a family birthday celebration where our grandson told us how he spent his 14th birthday some years ago.

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Summer's gone, and it took our mojo!

I’ve been at a couple networking events recently, including an industry trade show, where the prime topic of conversation centered on what a great summer it’s been and how hard it is to get back into the swing of things.

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A guide to business gifting

With the fourth quarter coming up, companies that send gifts to their clients are already looking for the perfect gift.

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Are you listening to me?

Years ago, a great teacher told a class I attended that proactive listening is the path to great success.

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