The Gray Area

with Donna Gray


How to find and hire great employees

We were in hiring mode last month, and I wanted to make sure we found the right person for the job, so when I attended a recent luncheon I asked some business friends where and how they found their most impressive team members.

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Use the power of manifestation (and enthusiasm) to improve your business

I remember visiting a friend’s home many years ago and seeing small paper signs taped up everywhere. I got close enough to read some of the signs and saw that all of them were written in the present tense and all were affirmations.

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Fighting the machines: Why good customer service requires real human voices

Not too long ago, I made a phone call to our then-provider of Internet, TV, and telephone service. I don’t like making these calls because I’m not patient when it comes to the series of steps you need to go through before talking to a live human being.

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How to succeed in business through the power of attitude

"Popular … you’re gonna be popular." I love that song from the musical Wicked. Everyone who’s seen the show or listened to the lyrics understands that a good attitude helps make one popular.

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Looking beyond the ghosts of resolutions past

“We are always equal to what we undertake with resolution.” Thomas Jefferson wrote this in a letter to his daughter Martha on March 28, 1787. Martha must have needed some help keeping her New Year’s resolutions, much like many of us.

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