The Gray Area

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Looking beyond the ghosts of resolutions past

“We are always equal to what we undertake with resolution.” Thomas Jefferson wrote this in a letter to his daughter Martha on March 28, 1787. Martha must have needed some help keeping her New Year’s resolutions, much like many of us.

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A business wish list for Santa

The other day, as I was beginning my list of goals for 2015, I began to think that in order to make some of the lofty things I want for next year happen, I’ll have to put some things into place starting right now. That’s when I realized that our business needed a “Wish List for Santa.” With that in mind, I sat down to write …

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The power of gratitude

The Gratitude Challenge has been making its way through social media channels recently, and participants have been passing the baton by asking three to five friends to post three to five things for which they are grateful — for three to five consecutive days. This started, I was told by a participant, to encourage people to engage in an old tradition — counting one’s blessings.

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10 rules for simplifying your busy life

My husband, Dave, and I recently took a road trip to enjoy the fall colors. We began by hurrying down interstate roads to St. Louis, where we had some business, and then wound our way home through parts of Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, and then back to Wonderful Wisconsin, following the Great River Road.

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Power networking a key part of business prospecting

This coming Thursday at 8 a.m., I will have the pleasure of presenting a mini-seminar on power networking at Madison Nonprofit Day at Monona Terrace. Many of you already know how much I enjoy meeting and connecting people. I think it’s part of my life’s mission because connecting people is so second nature to me.

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