The Gray Area

with Donna Gray


How old is too old?

This past weekend, I shopped in a big-box store. The salesperson who helped me was a friend from my past. Since this person was a former professional in the business world, I asked about the transition to working in a retail environment and was surprised and disappointed to hear about how this person was “downsized” out of a very important and responsible position, especially when told that the replacement in this position was younger and less experienced.

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Time for some time out

How did it get to be August already? Time flies when you’re having fun!

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Finding the motivation again

Motivation can be defined as the momentum that spurs us to action. I call it “mojo.” It drives us to our goals. It’s what keeps us going “when the going gets tough.” It’s the excitement and the reason we get to work early and stay late during a busy season. Motivation is within us. No one else can “make” us motivated. It’s totally up to us.

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Become a power networker

I’ve been a power networker all my life. I think it’s my calling to connect with people. While I think in-person meetings are still best, I’ve been using some form or another of social media since 2002. At first, I joined several “chat rooms” with areas of interest to me. Then I started using LinkedIn way back when and, like others, I made some great business connections as it grew.

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Are you a mastermind?

My mother used to remind me of the saying, “two heads are better than one.” Several or many heads are even better. I have the opportunity to belong to three different “mastermind groups.” One meets quarterly and is industry specific, one meets bi-weekly online, and one grew out of four local chambers of commerce, and meets monthly.

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