The Gray Area

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Become a power networker

I’ve been a power networker all my life. I think it’s my calling to connect with people. While I think in-person meetings are still best, I’ve been using some form or another of social media since 2002. At first, I joined several “chat rooms” with areas of interest to me. Then I started using LinkedIn way back when and, like others, I made some great business connections as it grew.

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Are you a mastermind?

My mother used to remind me of the saying, “two heads are better than one.” Several or many heads are even better. I have the opportunity to belong to three different “mastermind groups.” One meets quarterly and is industry specific, one meets bi-weekly online, and one grew out of four local chambers of commerce, and meets monthly.

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One question businesses should be able to answer

Some things never change. The question, “Are we there yet?” has been asked, throughout the years, by impatient “passengers” who are looking forward to excitement, thrills, and the discovery of what’s to come. June marks the halfway point in the calendar year, so this is a good time to begin looking to see if “we’re there yet,” and to begin thinking about, and planning for, the kinds of excitement, thrills, discovery — and work — that will come with the second half of the year.

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Manners count!

I’m a people watcher — an observer. No matter where I go, I’m learning something. I consider it “continuing education” to observe how others treat their customers/clients and vendors, no matter the field or industry.

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Time again for the Wisconsin Family Business of the Year awards

The annual Wisconsin Family Business of the Year Awards dinner is coming on Thursday, May 14th. This is one of my favorite yearly events because I always learn from the great stories each family business has to share.

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