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Find more 'you' time by simplifying how you work

How did it get to be October already? At a recent networking breakfast, the conversation at my table was centered on two questions: How did summer go by so fast, and Why didn’t more of these people take time off to enjoy and appreciate life? There was a lot of grumbling about how busy everyone is these days, and how they need to be reminded to “have a life.” The word “stressed” was used several times. One table guest lamented that even though she was working more, she still went home at the end of the day feeling like she hadn’t accomplished everything she’d set out to do. Another told us that he has been known to find excuses for not taking a time out when he’s overwhelmed at work.

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How do I thank thee?

While the holidays, starting with Thanksgiving, are still some weeks away, companies all over the country are beginning their annual quest to find the perfect way to say thank you to their clients. Not only do they want to make a memorable impression, they want their thank you to be enjoyed and useful.

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How old is too old?

This past weekend, I shopped in a big-box store. The salesperson who helped me was a friend from my past. Since this person was a former professional in the business world, I asked about the transition to working in a retail environment and was surprised and disappointed to hear about how this person was “downsized” out of a very important and responsible position, especially when told that the replacement in this position was younger and less experienced.

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Time for some time out

How did it get to be August already? Time flies when you’re having fun!

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Finding the motivation again

Motivation can be defined as the momentum that spurs us to action. I call it “mojo.” It drives us to our goals. It’s what keeps us going “when the going gets tough.” It’s the excitement and the reason we get to work early and stay late during a busy season. Motivation is within us. No one else can “make” us motivated. It’s totally up to us.

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