The Gray Area

with Donna Gray


Things to be grateful for

Gratitude engages one’s heart. It’s the most powerful when it becomes an approach to daily routine. It becomes especially important in the United States in November as Thanksgiving Day approaches and folks begin thinking of all the things for which they are grateful.

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Kicking procrastination

I’ll wager that most of our mothers and fathers taught us not to put off until tomorrow what could be done quickly and easily today? There’s a difference between procrastination and planning to do something later on. When we’re avoiding something that must be done now, that’s procrastination.

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Overcoming that overwhelmed feeling

Lately, many business people seem to be looking for the secret to having more energy, being more relaxed, and being able to get more accomplished.

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Find more 'you' time by simplifying how you work

How did it get to be October already? At a recent networking breakfast, the conversation at my table was centered on two questions: How did summer go by so fast, and Why didn’t more of these people take time off to enjoy and appreciate life? There was a lot of grumbling about how busy everyone is these days, and how they need to be reminded to “have a life.” The word “stressed” was used several times. One table guest lamented that even though she was working more, she still went home at the end of the day feeling like she hadn’t accomplished everything she’d set out to do. Another told us that he has been known to find excuses for not taking a time out when he’s overwhelmed at work.

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How do I thank thee?

While the holidays, starting with Thanksgiving, are still some weeks away, companies all over the country are beginning their annual quest to find the perfect way to say thank you to their clients. Not only do they want to make a memorable impression, they want their thank you to be enjoyed and useful.

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