The Gray Area

with Donna Gray


Finding resilience in adversity

Some years ago when my brother was in the process of selling our family business he called and told me that he thought I was the most resilient person he’d ever met, and he asked me how he could develop that same gift.

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Life hits you when you least expect it

A recent Saturday morning was going as usual. As always, the first thing on Saturday’s agenda was grocery shopping with my husband, Dave, and our daughter, Vicki.

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Good intentions

At just about every recent holiday event I attended, I heard business folks discussing how they find themselves trying to do it all while at the same time trying to find and maintain a good work-life balance.

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Happy New Year!

How does time fly by so quickly? It seems like it was just yesterday that many of us sat down to list all the things we wanted to accomplish and/or change in 2015, and here we’re already at year’s end.

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Year-end time management

Not too long ago I had a lesson in patience. As a time management addict spending a long afternoon in a hospital waiting room while a friend awaited treatment, it became very clear to me that patience is not one of my strong suits. In talking with with other business folks I’ve discovered that I’m not alone.

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