The Gray Area

with Donna Gray


True value of an organized workspace

The urge to purge has hit me. After seeing many of my business friends working on clearing the extraneous from their lives, I figured it was time to have a go at it myself.

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Pre-vacation strategies to make the return to work easier

No matter which direction you go, getting back to reality — re-entry into your work life after a restful, stress-free break — is an adjustment.

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How to effectively network anywhere, anytime

Making connections and building relationships can be the key to success for most individuals and companies. By effectively building a network of friends, business associates, and colleagues, we can pretty much ensure that when seeking new clients, a new job, or advice and help with new ventures, we’ll have a network to call upon.

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Resolutions we should all be able to keep in 2017

According to research, more than 60% of us admit to making New Year’s resolutions; however, less than 8% of us are successful in following through to the end goal. More than half lose their willpower before the end of January.

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I’ll get back to you soon …

It’s interesting to note that some companies brag about their excellent customer service but don’t respond quickly to customer inquiries.

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