The Gray Area

with Donna Gray


You can’t make more time, but you can manage it better

I recently wrote about taking time to enjoy life, and I heard from several people that they wished they could find the time.

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What kind of place are you running? Win customers and bring them back

A couple nights ago, my husband, Dave, and I were at a dinner where several of us talked about the definition of good customer service.

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‘Can’t’ take a vacation from work? Think again

At a recent lunch meeting, a few business friends were discussing their upcoming vacation plans, while a couple of them were making excuses for why they can’t get away.

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Customer service skills that will bring ’em back

There’s an ancient Chinese saying: “To open a business is very easy; to keep it open is very difficult.”

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This unhappy mother wonders, what happened to customer care?

This past Mother’s Day weekend my husband and I took a trip to a historic community for a holiday brunch. The best part of the trip was the visit with family. The dining experience was not so nice.

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