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Oct 27, 201408:39 AMThe Gray Area

with Donna Gray

10 rules for simplifying your busy life

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My husband, Dave, and I recently took a road trip to enjoy the fall colors. We began by hurrying down interstate roads to St. Louis, where we had some business, and then wound our way home through parts of Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, and then back to Wonderful Wisconsin, following the Great River Road. What a distinct difference in a road trip — busyness followed by simple pleasure. On the way, while enjoying the scenery, I realized that I was having great ideas … because there were no distractions. Life was simple for a time.

I read somewhere that a large percentage of adults in the U.S. are pursuing voluntary simplicity. There are dozens of books, magazine articles, blogs, and websites dedicated to helping folks eliminate stress by creating a simpler lifestyle.

Those who work with deadlines tell me it’s easy to get trapped in crisis management mode. Many business icons talk about how simplifying their workday helped them accomplish more and feel good when they left their offices at the end of the day. Some of my local business friends prioritize their work so they feel a sense of accomplishment when their workday ends.

The business gurus that I follow have adopted the following daily rules:


Oct 29, 2014 08:33 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

Oh, I love the Great River Road - I travel it along the Mississippi north of LaCrosse through Minnesota on a regular basis. Every time I cross the river from WI into MN I just pause and reflect on its beauty. We are a busy culture, though, and it is very difficult to slow down sometimes. I would amend the limit to media consumption a little bit - be careful how much time you spend on social media because that can be rewarding but also empty and draining. But do allow yourself to watch favorite TV shows, movies, plays, and sporting events. Be selective in your choices and you will enjoy them all - a good story or exciting Packer game can really make your day!

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