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Oct 28, 201312:42 PMThe Gray Area

with Donna Gray

5 ways to show employees you value them

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Recent research demonstrates that many employees are unhappy in their work and are ready to leave their posts for a company that would better recognize their efforts, if only they could find the right fit. A CBS News report stated that according to a Gallup poll, “Only 30% of American workers really feel engaged and/or inspired at their jobs, and the vast majority of U.S. workers — 70% — are not reaching their full potential.”

In a post, Rieva Lesonsky reports that “more than 80% [of workers] say receiving recognition in the workplace makes them more satisfied with their jobs.”

More and more CEOs are adopting long-term recognition programs that, among other things, honor length of service and dedication to the company, reinforce customer service actions, and congratulate workers for increasing company sales and/or profitability. Companies that really “get it” remember to recognize those who provide support services and routinely help others succeed at their jobs.

In my 35-plus years in the recognition industry, I have observed that employees who feel recognized and appreciated do more and better work and are happier in their jobs.

Here are several easy ways to let employees know they are valued and appreciated:

  1. Let them know they count. Employees need to know that management cares about their opinions and feelings and recognizes that they aren’t just a number. Show team members that they are an important and integral part of the company.
  2. Acknowledge a job well done. Think of recognition that reflects what the company values and create a show of appreciation for achieving that status. Even a “shout-out” at a team meeting can go far in making an employee feel good.
  3. Catch employees in the act of doing something good for the company, for their co-workers, or for the community, and give them credit and accolades.
  4. Invest in employee success by providing the tools and the education needed for them to succeed and grow.
  5. Create a recognition program that makes everyone in the company eligible to receive awards.


Nov 7, 2013 10:01 am
 Posted by  Sandra Daniel

Donna, your article is right on the mark. Those that “get it” see employee recognition as an investment, not an expense. A culture that recognizes and rewards employees will see significant productivity improvements that will lead directly to company performance gains. FIRE Light Group is bringing best-selling author Curt Coffman to The Madison Club on November 20th to speak to local businesses about why “Engagement is Critical to Your Success.” We will be discussing engagement strategies and programs including reward and recognition programs. We hope you can share this invitation with your followers. Registration can be found at

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