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Dec 8, 201401:45 PMThe Gray Area

with Donna Gray

A business wish list for Santa

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The other day, as I was beginning my list of goals for 2015, I began to think that in order to make some of the lofty things I want for next year happen, I’ll have to put some things into place starting right now. That’s when I realized that our business needed a “Wish List for Santa.” With that in mind, I sat down to write …

Dear Santa,

My name is Donna. My business peers and I have been as good as we can be this past year. We made friends with lots of new customers. We were very nice even when customers were very rude. We all did some volunteer work. We helped other people who needed us. We didn’t complain when we had some equipment failures. (Okay, maybe just a little.)

Our mommies and daddies always told us that if we are good, you will bring us lots of good stuff. Here is some stuff that we want you to put in your sleigh for us:

  • The continuing privilege to serve our customers.
  • The blessing of being able to help in our community.
  • The opportunity for continuing education in our professions.
  • The chance to mentor those coming up behind us.
  • And most of all, Santa, we are all asking for peace.

Santa, so many people I’ve talked to this year are looking forward to great improvement in 2015’s business climate. Can you please make sure you read their lists too? As you know, Santa, people who are in business crisis mode tend to panic about almost everything. Will you please bring success and abundance to their companies … soon? Will you please help them think about prosperity so they can begin making plans for a good bottom line in 2015?


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