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The Gray Area

with Donna Gray

December 2013


Make the most of networking events by asking the right questions

A local business friend recently asked me, “What’s your favorite way to meet other businesspeople?” I responded, “Attend live networking events.” In my opinion, even in today’s digital business environment, live networking will always play a huge role in making good connections. It’s a great way for people to connect and find ways to help each other.

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9 time-management tips for the new year

It’s hard to believe we’re at the end of another calendar year. I belong to a couple of different marketing organizations, and I’ve found that even though they work for different types of businesses, several of their members have formed common bonds to help each other find sales contacts.

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7 creative alternatives to your company’s holiday card

Each year during the holidays, companies of all sizes try to think of ways to spread holiday cheer and recognize their customers. Many want to acknowledge the importance of their relationships. Marketing committees, business partners, advisers, and team members put their heads together, rack their brains, and try to come up with the best ways to show gratitude for their clients’ work, and to nurture ongoing relationships.

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