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Apr 21, 201601:27 PMThe Gray Area

with Donna Gray

Coping with change

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There’s an old saying, “If you do not create change, change will create you.” I don’t know many people in business or in their personal lives who like change. Most of us resist change, although change itself is constant. No matter whether we resist or avoid change, it enters our lives just the same. It’s easier to adapt to change when you initiate it. According to Alan Deutschman, author of Change or Die, what really inspires positive change is hope, not fear.

A business and life coach friend touts that if there’s a single skill that separates the successful executive/entrepreneur from the “also-rans” it’s the mastery of change. He says that the big winners in business are the ones who don’t fear change but instead relish it with gusto. They accept and embrace the dance and the possible “razzle-dazzle” of change.

When confronted by sudden change that affects our jobs or our personal lives, many react with fear and dread. It’s not easy for some to remember that change is at the very heart of moving a company (or personal life) forward. It’s what keeps a company alive and creates new jobs.

When discussing change with some friends, one commented that even unplanned and unexpected changes are not all bad but can be a path to growth. Since I got my own unplanned and unexpected change when I was in an auto accident this past January, I’m experiencing — firsthand — the bitter and the better.

I’m looking for ways to grow and learn from this experience and all the changes that are occurring with it. I’m learning to adapt to new situations and as a result I’m better equipped to deal with most things that come down the pike. It’s the same with changes in business. It is said that to change the culture of an organization you must get everyone to change. My accident has led to a forced change in our company’s leadership. While I’m still owner and president, my daughter, Janet, has assumed the role of CEO and she’s creating wonderful changes that all our team members are happily working toward.

We’ve hired a consultant and coach to help with this transition and after just a few weeks in I’m wondering why we waited so long for this change? Hmmm, guess I was resisting.


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