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Is key talent eyeing the door? Help control turnover with compensation benchmarking

After the past few years of pay cuts, pay freezes, and meager raises, signs of continued economic recovery have given many workers the confidence to hunt for new opportunities outside of their current organizations. In fact, 32% of U.S. employees are seriously considering leaving their current companies. In an effort to prevent the loss of top talent, business leaders are taking action to stem turnover.

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Health care reform and the 2012 election

With the 2012 elections behind us, the near-term fate of health care reform just became much clearer. With the re-election of President Obama and continued Democratic control of the Senate, the prospects of the law being repealed are virtually nil. And with the Obama administration now responsible for implementing its signature piece of legislation, it’s a safe bet that the major components of the law will go into effect in 2014 as scheduled.

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The key to an efficient construction loan process: a checklist

With the recent uptick in multi-family construction, developments within the Madison market have been advancing at a steady pace. The construction process on projects such as these involves a dizzying array of steps and procedures in a highly dynamic environment. Effective communication is critical to ensuring the process moves smoothly. However, coordinating communications between the various engineers, contractors, and other players can be an extraordinarily complex task.

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The banking balancing act: Advanced technology vs. experienced bankers

Businesses’ exclusive reliance on brick-and-mortar bank locations is a thing of the past. Today, virtually all banking customers, both business and personal, leverage the conveniences of technology to manage their banking needs when, how, and where they want. Do we really need to go to the bank anymore?

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The only constant is uncertainty

In today’s rapid-fire world, we are veterans of change. Current levels of uncertainty, however, seem to be a new frontier. Financial uncertainty hangs over us as we recover from the “house-as-ATM” period of gluttony. Strategic and regulatory uncertainty runs rampant in our increasingly polarized political arena. Geopolitical uncertainty is closer to our backdoor than ever as we become an increasingly global community. Uncertainty reigns supreme. We are certain this is not about to change anytime soon.

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