The Bottom Line

with contributors from Associated Bank


Tips for effective injury prevention and claims management

In its 2014 Workplace Safety Index, Liberty Mutual estimated that employers pay just under $1 billion per week to injured employees and their medical care providers. Even one serious workplace injury may impact the bottom line of a small or mid-size business.

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Why you should integrate risk management and workplace wellness

Risk management and human resources are traditionally two different job functions, and the people in these areas have rarely crossed paths — but that is changing. Why are these people starting to work together more frequently?

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Popularity of home equity credit lines rises with increasing consumer confidence

In 2013, economic indicators such as household wealth, real estate values, and home equity continued to improve compared to previous years. Buoyed by these positive trends and increased consumer confidence, home equity lines of credit (HELOC) are regaining popularity as a funding means for home improvements, educational expenses, debt consolidation, and major purchases.

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Create a consumerism strategy to get the most out of your health plan

In the ongoing battle to contain costs, employers are always looking for tools, old and new, to help keep their health care spending in check. One often-discussed approach is health care consumerism — but too often consumerism is discussed as just another plan design option.

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Why brand strategy development is key to creating a successful campaign

Since starting my career in the marketing field 20 years ago, I have never personally been part of a campaign that has received as much employee and customer support as Associated Bank’s new “A good fit” brand campaign featuring the Green Chair. It was an unconventional move to ask our customers to take such a large role in our campaign, but we know better than anyone that banking is personal, and we were humbled to find customers willing to speak on our behalf about why our bank is “a good fit” for them.

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