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May 14, 201511:56 AMThe Bottom Line

with contributors from Associated Bank

Turning work into a game is serious business

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Best practices

Employers who want to apply game-like mechanics to their employee benefits education, wellness activities, and other areas would do well to focus on the following tips.

  • Have a measurable goal. Focus on encouraging a specific behavior. If, for instance, you want to familiarize employees with all of their health plan options, reward users for viewing educational presentations by giving them points every time they do it.
  • Focus on things people already want to do. Your best starting point for gamification is to reward a behavior that’s already happening.
  • Measure the change. Track the desired behavior before and after gamifying it, so that you’ll know whether the gamification is working. Many experts emphasize the importance of data tracking in gamification strategies.
  • Reward large and small accomplishments. A good game-like experience measures and rewards small accomplishments in addition to big ones. When you recognize people for completing incremental goals with badges and points, you encourage them to keep going. When you reward people for accomplishing larger goals, you remunerate them when they succeed.
  • Make it social. Whether within a closed environment such as a wellness challenge or a more open environment like the company intranet, giving people the opportunity to share their accomplishments adds meaning and significance to their achievements. Social interaction creates a healthy competition among participants, which feeds into the psychology of competition. People enjoy competing with their colleagues and peers. But most of all, gamification is a tool that can help make a change in behavior fun and interactive.

Ultimately, effective gamification takes real work. It's a solution that should be customized to your organization and goals.

Scott Fuller is RHU – SVP and Employee Benefits Practice Group leader at Associated Financial Group

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