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Permission to post: NASA doesn’t need a social media policy and neither do you

Like many businesspeople, it didn’t take me long to see the value in posting on social media.

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LinkedIn provides business intelligence you can’t afford to live without

Big data. Business intelligence. Predictive analytics. Strategies reserved for huge companies with huge budgets, right? Wrong.

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6 tips for using LinkedIn for business (without getting sucked into the social media vortex)

For every person who is addicted to social media, there’s another person who has sworn it off for fear of getting “sucked into the void.”

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3 social media strategies to make the most of every conference

One of my early clients when I started doing social media consulting was a lawyer in Phoenix who concentrated on helping businesses work through mergers and acquisitions.

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3 fears stopping you from embracing personal branding (and how to get over them)

During my social media training sessions, I like to spend a little bit of time talking about personal branding. “What does personal branding mean to you?” I ask my audience. “Anyone?” … Crickets.

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Spencer X Smith is the founder of Madison-based social media marketing company AmpliPhi, and an instructor at the University of Wisconsin and Rutgers University. He was formerly a vice president of sales for two Fortune 100 companies. He's been called a "social media expert" by Forbes, and AmpliPhi is the winner of four consecutive (2016-2019) In Business magazine Executive Choice Awards for Social Media Consulting Company. Spencer has spoken at over 250 events since 2015, including a presentation at the New York Stock Exchange in 2017. His book ROTOMA: The ROI of Social Media Top of Mind was featured in Forbes and is an Amazon bestseller.



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