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Sep 24, 201912:47 PM#SocialBiz

with Spencer X Smith

Maximize the impact of your corporate sponsorships with social media

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Companies in Madison constantly amaze me with their generosity, both inside and outside our community. Here’s how to ensure both you and the charities, nonprofits, etc. you’re supporting gain the maximum amount of exposure and awareness for their causes.

Utilizing social media before, during, and after corporate sponsorship events will help to gain the attention of the audiences both you and the organizations themselves would like to reach. You can easily highlight your involvement by showcasing the work you and the nonprofit organization are doing through the systematic process detailed below. The organization itself will benefit from the added awareness that you are doing on their behalf, while you demonstrate your generosity and engagement.

Amplify your efforts by following these tips for before the event, during, and after.


In advance of the event, compile a list of the following social media account handles:

  1. The host organizations;
  2. Speakers or dignitaries;
  3. Other sponsors; and
  4. The venue (where the event is being held).

These social media account handles will be used during the event to engage with audiences who both are attending the event and those who can’t (but are passionate about the cause). Additionally, they will be used to showcase highlights from the speakers as well as the event organizers. Both groups will feel appreciated and will most likely share your posts with their networks, as well.

Following the event, the social media account handles can be used to provide key takeaways from the speakers and thank everyone involved for attending and/or speaking.

Create or utilize the event #hashtag

This hashtag should be utilized during and after the event. The creation of a hashtag can create great public awareness of the event and the people involved. The hashtag also has the ability to connect yourself as an individual to the event for future inquires.

Hashtags that are created should be creative and positively represent the event, and utilizing hashtags can increase engagement with the social media posts.

Post on social media using this template

Sample: We’re thrilled to join @sponsor and @sponsorB in supporting @event with @guestspeaker. Look forward to seeing you there! #eventhashtag <and include a link to the URL of the event itself>


Instead of simply hoping people will see your sponsorship, let’s make sure they do. Using social media ad platforms, advertise your posts to audiences interested in the organization, cause, team, etc.

Platforms for posting can include Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. When posting, ensure you include the date of the event and scheduled time frame. Also, before posting, consider creating an advertising budget and analyzing your audience. By gaining a deeper understanding of who should see your post, you can set an audience in the social media ad manager programs.


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