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Sep 5, 201701:27 PM#SocialBiz

with Spencer X Smith

The one secret you need to know to get great customer reviews

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If you’re running a retail establishment or restaurant, you need more than the obligatory “Review Us on Yelp” sticker. Have your server or staff person give them a gift certificate for themselves and a friend after the customers complete the review on their phones. Your great reviews will skyrocket past your competitors. As long as they’re at it, encourage the customers to talk about their great experience on Twitter, Facebook, or another social network of choice, too. Consider providing another reward for this, as well.

If you’re in the kind of business where public reviews are uncommon, and letters of recommendation or referrals are, this secret to great customer reviews is every bit as applicable. After hearing great feedback from your customers, you should ask right away for recommendation or referral letters.

Another major benefit to this approach — as customers write recommendation or referral letters for you, it forces them to crystallize their thoughts about your “performance.” Said another way, these customers will be writing the script they use to recommend you to others. The next time an acquaintance of theirs asks about you, they can cite the letter or even give it to someone on your behalf.

How will you capture you customers’ enthusiasm? Looking forward to hearing your comments!

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