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July 2017


Your website needs to feel like a coffee shop. Here’s why.

The best coffee shops will have comfortable places to sit, an energetic environment, and a lot of great conversations happening.

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Leveling up to 6-star service through social media

It’s better to have 100 fans that love you than 1 million fans that like you.

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This sales mistake will leave your prospects uninterested in you and your product

I got an email this week from a salesperson who wants me to do business with his company. In it, he made two major sales mistakes.

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Spencer Smith is the founder of spencerXsmith.com and co-founder of AmpliPhi, a Madison, WI-based digital marketing agency. He’s an instructor at the University of Wisconsin and adjunct faculty at Rutgers University, where he teaches classes on Social Media Strategy.

He’s been called a "Digital Marketing Expert" by Forbes and was the winner of the 2016 In Business magazine Executive Choice Award for Social Media Consulting Company. Spencer speaks at an average of 60 conferences and events per year and only teaches what he has first proven to work himself with his own business.

He has been featured and quoted in Money magazine, Entrepreneur, Inc. magazine, Costco Connection, and dozens of other publications. He also writes columns for IBMadison.com, The Huffington Post, The American Bar Association, and Law Journal Newsletters.



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