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Aug 24, 201712:15 PM#SocialBiz

with Spencer X Smith

Do-It-Once method: The easiest way to streamline your digital communications

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Do you ever feel like you’ve written the same email response twice? Three times? Maybe even several times in one day?

If you’re interacting with either customers or prospects, a few themes permeate your email inquires (whether the questions are explicit or implicit):

  • What does X (your product or service) cost (initially and ongoing)?
  • What problems are you solving?
  • How does it compare with your competitor’s products?

When you have a moment, open your email and take a look. Look for those emails you’re sending over and over that have very little (if any) variety. Think about it: when something is typed, recorded via digital audio or video, etc., it lives forever. This is the first step in the Do-It-Once (DIO) methodology. When your company implements this, it will completely change the way you deal with prospects and customers.

The same emails = a Do-It-Once template

Maybe after digging into your Sent Items, you realize that there are, in fact, many similar themes to your email interactions. You’ve gone a step further and created some email templates you use to answer questions you’ve gotten before and don’t want to simply type over again. Saved you some time, right? You didn’t have to type the email itself and you didn’t have to proofread it for grammar or typos. You simply sent the well-crafted template instead.

If you don’t have email response templates yet, you might think you should stop here and create some right now. You could take an hour or so to go through your email, find the recurring themes that would benefit from a prepared response, and type the templates.

Hold on a second, though.

If you’re taking the time to develop the template system, let’s go one step further and make a mechanism by which all of your staff will communicate with prospects and customers the exact same way. Instead of different email accounts containing different email templates (and some having none at all), what if you had a repository of responses — a library of sorts — that everyone could utilize when interacting with prospects and customers? Better yet, what if you could gauge the efficacy of this system by way of data supporting your efforts? We could create a consistent customer experience system.

Whether a prospect or customer or yours is interacting with your most seasoned employee, or someone who just finished their initial training, the written content will be unambiguously consistent throughout. If prospect A asks typical question No. 4, then the corresponding answer will be sent as a response via an email link. Regardless if the answer is sent by the external salesperson, internal salesperson, support staff, etc., everyone involved in the sales process will know what’s already been communicated, and what hasn’t.


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