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Aug 17, 201712:39 PM#SocialBiz

with Spencer X Smith

5 ways to maximize your results when business is slow

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In many of our businesses, August is a slow month. People take their final opportunities to goof off while the weather is warm and our kids have yet to start school.

Before the post-Labor Day rush back to work, pick one — or more if you’re especially ambitious — of these strategies to implement to before things pick back up in September.

1. Adopt a modern marketing strategy (see chart at right).

Distill your customer/prospect interactions into digital form as often as possible. Whether it’s video, audio, written, or a combination of all three, modern digital marketing allows us to create a repository of content that will benefit your target customers without you having to be present. This opportunity for leveraging your knowledge is the most significant shift in marketing that there has ever been.

2. Create checklists to “know what success looks like.”

Why? You and I can work 24/7 since there’s no longer a definition of a proper workday. Without checklists, small business owners have a very, very hard time of knowing when they’re on the clock and when they’re not. Create a realistic daily checklist, and once you’re done you can allow yourself to leave work feeling great.

3. Create a “not doing” list.

In addition to the must-do checklist in No. 2, create a list of things you could be doing but choose not to do right now. Why? Two reasons:

  1. It forces you to reconcile the best use of your time right now. By knowing what you’re not doing, you’re telling yourself that the things you are doing are the most important and high-value items.
  2. A “not doing” list helps assuage that gnawing feeling of “what am I forgetting?” Until you empty your head — so to speak — on a list, you’ll miss things.


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