Smart Sustainable Biz

with Jessie Lerner

December 2014


Have you asked your vendors what they can do for sustainability?

Organizations that focus on sustainability in the workplace regularly look for ways to reduce energy use and enhance employee health. However, if your company does not depend on the kind of global/national supply chains that Walmart and other large corporations do, it’s easy to overlook sustainability opportunities and forget to ask the right questions of your vendors.

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How to turn adversity into green opportunities

When hearing about sustainability champions, do you get a sense that their superpowers come from another planet? Do their actions and efforts seem like X-Men qualities that no mere mortal could “just do.” In being introduced to three sustainability champions at Sustain Dane’s Badger Bioneers conference on Nov. 18, we noticed a shared power that isn’t limited to superheroes: turning a (perceived) catastrophic event into an opportunity for sustainability to shine.

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