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Getting ready for tax preparation: Helping your accountant help you

Now that 2013 is underway, there is one pressing issue to which we all must pay attention. We need to take care of our taxes. Some people think of tax season as a time to be dreaded each year, but luckily for you, we CPAs love tax season! Here are some pointers to help you get ready for this daunting task.

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New tax law holds up electronic filing, and other notes

I was lucky enough to head out to Pasadena at the beginning of the month to enjoy some great weather, fun visits with relatives, and a good Badger game. The only downside was that I found myself glued to every television monitor I saw. My concern, of course, was whether an agreement had been reached to extend some of the tax provisions that had already expired on Jan. 1.

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What’s all this talk about the fiscal cliff?

The election is behind us, and we are now looking ahead to numerous issues that will need to be addressed. Two of the greatest that are in the news are the “fiscal cliff” and the changes that will be required under the Affordable Care Act. Both will take work and wisdom by our leaders in Washington to find compromise in a troubled era.

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Where to turn when disaster strikes

Hurricane Sandy hit the United States with a vengeance. Like millions across the country, I sympathize with those who lost their lives, their homes, and those things most important to them. After seeing and hearing of the huge losses they suffered, we’re reminded to look again at the state and federal resources that are in place to help us when disaster strikes.

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Share your kindness and knowledge with interns; get repaid in full

You can tell you’re getting busier at work. Orders are coming in fast and furious, plus you’re worried about the 2013 tax cliff that everyone is talking about. You want to add staff, but in what way would they actually help? Maybe you don’t need someone full time. How do you know if you do? Perhaps you feel your business needs a boost – you know, some new ideas or different energy. What are your hiring options? I have a suggestion for you: hire an intern.

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