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Two valuable pieces of wisdom I’ve gleaned from clients

As I reflect on another busy tax season, I’m recalling some of the stories my clients have told me. Each and every client brings a life story to the table, and I enjoy the tales. I enjoy hearing about their families, successes, and achievements for the year. I am sympathetic to their challenges, but I also learn from them.

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Watch for tax-related phone fraud and email scams

The IRS will never call you to ask for your credit card number and never threaten to take your driver’s license, but nasty scam artists pretending to be from the IRS will — and are.

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5 useful strategies for this tax season

We are nearing the home stretch in preparing tax returns for 2013. Since I have been in this place for a number of years, I look forward to the days of less fatigue. Yet I find that each and every tax season is interesting because of changes in the tax code. Some years yield more changes than others.

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What’s new in the tax code?

Tax time is upon us, and the IRS is finally accepting all tax returns. Individual returns were delayed this year, with an IRS first-acceptance date of Jan. 31. Despite this delay, the IRS did not extend the April 15 deadline. So once again we have a shortened tax season. But what else has changed?

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New ‘identity quiz’ may delay state tax refunds

Danger comes in many forms. We used to worry about our wallets or purses being stolen, or losing our Social Security cards or driver’s licenses. Now we need to worry about breaches in security at stores we frequent, or people stealing our identities as a result of online security lapses. So it’s only natural to wonder whether our information is secure when we file our tax returns. Since so much sensitive data is required on a return, it’s critical that government agencies protect it; you should know that they do.

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