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Jan 3, 201912:54 PMProgressive HR

with Coreyne Woodman-Holoubek

HR insights to propel organizations forward in 2019

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Closing out a very exciting and productive 2018, I thought it would be a great idea to offer insights from some of Wisconsin’s executives and HR leaders, with the intent to create a list of seven progressive HR “predictions” for 2019.

It was a pleasure to work with each of my contributors over the last few weeks. I hope you enjoy the thoughts below.

Elevated recruitment — Automation and building ‘talent communities’

“Recruitment professionals in 2019 will be embracing technology that automates our day-to-day administrative work. This automation is not a replacement for the human element. Instead, it will free up time for the best use of our resources: building connections.

“Tech tools will handle the sourcing and scheduling while we foster ‘talent communities.’ A talent community is a network where trust builds through shared experiences, information, and time. That could be useful online content or an event where attendees feel comfortable to ask real questions. It is not an e-mail list that gets new job alerts.

“As candidates are more and more overwhelmed by daily noise, companies need to get creative to stand out from the crowd, and work toward developing early relationships. A top candidate should know a company long before an immediate opening. That may mean knowing the recruiter or, even better, knowing the hiring team from a shared experience or event.

“Exceptional hiring goes beyond a job description to who could find their fit and add value to a team beyond a list of bullet points. For example, a mobile developer who isn’t perfect on paper but fits the team perfectly. That ability to live in the nuance is the future of recruitment.”

— Amanda Daering, CEO, newance

Investing in ‘people’ security

“In 2018, United States businesses spent $114 billion on electronic security systems to protect their buildings during nonbusiness hours while their employees are away. But what about the security of a building while employees are at work? Isn’t the security of employees more important than the physical assets of a business? We think so.

“In 2019, the grandiose mahogany receptionist desk with a dedicated employee watching the front door all day will slowly become obsolete for many businesses and industries, and give way to solutions that are more secure, professional, and consistent with brand image.

“The ability to lock down a building during normal business hours, yet still provide visitors with a friendly alternative to the typical front desk receptionist, is the reason we built Virtelo, our touchscreen receptionist, that can be placed in a locked entryway, vestibule, or lobby, and provides extra security to buildings and an even bigger asset — the people inside.”

— Jason Adamany, president, Adesys

The era of consumer-driven experiences in benefits

“Being a part of a progressive, entrepreneurial company — and in the insurance industry, no less — equals challenge and disruption, not only with technology, but with our associates and customers. 2019 will be the year of ‘consumer experience on demand.’ Insurance organizations, departments, and business units that can offer ‘the experience’ will not only survive but also thrive in disrupting times.

“The experience era calls for organizations and employees to look beyond the status quo to understand benefit solutions and become more educated on insurance selections. It’s time for HR to not only ‘offer benefits,’ but to offer solutions and information about how these benefit solutions will provide peace of mind during life disruptions.

“HR and the insurance industry must focus on the value adds, going one step further to assist and calling back or responding in a timely fashion. These may seem small, but they’re massive when it comes to retention and providing interactions and experience consumers can’t get anywhere else.”

— Wendy Bushell, MHRLR, director of human resources, Ansay & Associates


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