Open for Business

with Jody Glynn Patrick

October 2013


A tale of two lifestyles

Living in a town of 3,000 residents is different than living in the city. We recently bought a second home in a downstate Illinois community where, as I filled my car with gas at the local gas station, a couple of “city guys” (men who work for the town’s utility department) tipped their caps and asked how my fence was coming along. The fact that I hadn’t told them I was having a fence built tells you the main point: Everybody in Bushnell, Ill., knows everything going on in Bushnell, Ill.

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Just do it: The power of ‘The Bliss List’

You’ve likely already read about J.P. Hansen’s The Bliss List on The editors have provided interesting background info about the upcoming IB Expo’s keynote speaker, but I’m going to take all the hyperbole and boil it down to one statement explaining why you might want to read the book or hear the author speak: Within a month of reading The Bliss List, I changed my life. The book didn’t change my life; I changed my life. But The Bliss List was the catalyst.

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How to impress IB’s 40 Under 40 judges

Here’s a cheat sheet to help give you a quick little nudge up, if you’re considering putting your name in the hat for the 40 Under 40 competition this year — or if you want to be a pal and forward this to someone you think should apply. (Hurry, the deadline is Oct. 30.) If selected, you’ll be celebrated in print and on the Web and through other venues, including a party. You’ll even have your picture and favorite book on display at Barnes & Noble! There are many, many reasons to apply, and every year, the recognition grows.

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Family business: Moving beyond myths to best practices

Founded in 578, Kongo Gumi in Osaka, Japan, is the oldest known family business in the world. The family was of Korean origin, brought to Japan by Prince Shotoku more than 1,400 years ago to build the Buddhist Shitennoji Temple, which still stands. Since then, Kongo Gumi has constructed many famous buildings, including the 16th-century Osaka castle.

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