Open for Business

with Jody Glynn Patrick

November 2013


I’ll huff and puff and blow a Thanksgiving blessing your way

Last Sunday, my cousin Donnie was grouting floor tiles in my dining area as I worked companionably nearby, tiling a kitchen island area. Kevin had taken our dogs to a dog park in another town neighboring our new Illinois home, but I expected him home soon. One minute the sky outside was blue (though it had been moderately windy all day), and the next minute the sky began rumbling and we were literally surrounded by a torrential rainstorm, complete with spitting small ice chips and winds blowing hard enough to knock down sizeable tree branches in my side yard.

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5 things to consider before quitting your job

Recently, a gentleman approached me to ask about my reasons for leaving IB, because, he said, he “has about had it with his company, too” and “is also about to throw in the towel.” He said it as though he were following my path, and so I want to be clear that this was not my path at all.

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The best-laid retirement plans … and one older woman’s ‘new normal’

I have a new normal since deciding to semi-retire, leaving behind my publisher role at IB to focus three-quarters time on my own business. However, the joke was on me thinking it would mean I’d have less work and/or more playtime. As I recently reposted on Pinterest, “When one door closes, sometimes you want to get a hammer and nails to make sure that b!tch stays shut.” Another favorite retirement quote: “I’m going to retire and live off my savings. What I’ll do the second day, I have no idea.”

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