Open for Business

with Jody Glynn Patrick

May 2013


Girls in biz – does it get better than this?

“I have learned that I can speak in a community,” Quinn Buob wrote of the lessons she learned while participating in the 2012-13 GIRLS'BIZ class, sponsored by Wisconsin Women Entrepreneurs Southcentral, Inc. and the Girl Scouts of Wisconsin, Badgerland Council. Buob added, “I have the confidence and a sense of humor. I noticed every time I spoke, I made the WWE woman laugh. I also noticed I have joy. Whoever I spoke to left happy. I also learned that not everyone likes the things/products that we sell.”

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Retiring is so yesteryear; boomers are ‘retooling’

At what age will you retire? Had you, “average U.S. worker,” gathered your marbles and left the game in the early 1990s, you would have returned your company charge card and office keys at age 57. If you are graduating out of the employed ranks this year, the average age of your classmates is 61. And if you haven’t yet retired, Gallup’s 2013 Economy and Personal Finance Survey says that you hope to be employed until you’re 65.

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CEOs: Why you should perfect a Chris Carpenter handshake

CEOs are an endangered species in today’s job market. At least 40% of executives are fired within 18 months of hire (the turnover rate being the highest for all career classes), with the most common reason cited as underperformance. The second most common reason for a C-suite firing may surprise you: It’s because a leader simply lacks “it,” an “executive leadership presence.” They don’t exude a strong enough executive vibe when expected to stand and deliver to an executive audience – a subliminal indicator, boards and/or company owners feel, of how well they handle pressure or represent the company across sectors.

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How to engage (versus initiate) your next employee

While daydreaming about snapping up some of the incredible talent now available due to a sluggish labor economy of late, I tried to imagine a perfect “first day” experience from a new hire’s perspective. And from that exercise, I’d like to pass along ideas for improving our new-hire initiation program, converting it into an integration plan instead.

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Dealing with late-paying customers and (why not?) business bloggers

Actually, I have two topics intertwined this week. First of all, IB accepts and publishes blogs and “open mic” pieces. I write two weekly IB blogs and also blog for clients such as TDS that have a high-end management audience segmented out for executive-level business communications. Before writing about any business subject, particularly for a client company, I research what other online bloggers have written. Then I have two options: either credit their advice as a source or expert link for my business reader, or make my own advice more practical and pointed, oftentimes turning to my own contact list of subject experts, etc.

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