Open for Business

with Jody Glynn Patrick

March 2014


Lessons learned serving (hard time) on a church committee

Several years ago, I left a church over philosophical differences having nothing to do with religious doctrine. Members of the church were expected to sit on committees — which I agreed with heartily. Like many nonprofit organizations, the (small) church faced a constant struggle to “get businesspeople involved,” but it needed specific acumen or connections to raise money or streamline operations. I therefore was cajoled into attending a “convenient” night or weekend meeting of my choice. Given expected budget cuts during that year, I opted to serve on the finance committee.

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Sticks and stones: Dealing with workplace criticism

Usually you are quite open to feedback and, in fact, you even welcome negative comments — if you believe they have merit or could help you improve, or if they are offered by a friend who cares about you. So after Randy emails saying he’d like to discuss your team project suggestions with you (“face to face”) before adding them to the group report, is your first reaction one of appreciation, apprehension, or annoyance?

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