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Jul 18, 201307:29 AMOpen for Business

with Jody Glynn Patrick

Hunger doesn’t take the summer off

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As a service institution, the Salvation Army does not, for example, make people pray when they register their children for the Toys for Tots program. Parents or custodial adults don’t get a sermon before dropping their children off (or picking them up) from the after-school programs intended to keep young people safe (and fed). Firefighters and police officers aren’t asked to listen to a sermon or even a quick prayer before being fed (free) at disaster sites. People asking for free dental support or an evening meal aren’t made to listen to a preacher before, during, or after they are helped.

Does the Salvation Army offer church services? Yes — on Sunday for its worshippers. Are those services made available to the public? Of course! Are there professional ministers on staff who minister to people requesting spiritual support or guidance — yes, yes, yes. Does the Salvation Army believe that the best way to save a troubled soul is to first offer food, shelter, and a bar of soap to the body? Yes! But that food, shelter, and soap is offered with a kind word, not forced doctrine. (Just wanted to make that clear.)

Okay, back to business, since the appeal for help is being made to you directly at work, with the hope that you will grab your workplace cohort and sign up to ring bells in one- or two-hour shifts at a spot most convenient for you. Please help. Suggest the July bell-ringing experience as a company event. It’s a great way to build community at the same time that you engage your staff or colleagues in giving back.

Share your blessings and your time by claiming a spot at today, as we only have a few more days to make a tremendous difference.

Thank you.

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Jul 19, 2013 06:14 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

Shared on Facebook. While I do have a lot of friends who are strongly against any kind of religious organization, I suggested that a donation to the SA - or any local food pantry of your choice - might be a good thing to do. Hope it helps!

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