Open for Business

with Jody Glynn Patrick

July 2013


SEC puts teeth in ‘duty of care’ — how it could bite you now

A Securities and Exchange Commission insider told The New York Times that the 24-hour period between Thursday and Friday of last week was “rare” for the SEC, and indeed, it validated the new zero-tolerance posture being taken by the agency’s tough incoming chairwoman, Mary Jo White. During that brief period, the SEC (surprisingly) rejected a settlement with billionaire hedge fund manager Philip A. Falcone and then charged Steven A. Cohen, another billionaire trader, with administrative wrongdoing.

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Hunger doesn’t take the summer off

The average age of a homeless person in Dane County is 7, and we still have a couple days left during the Salvation Army’s bell-ringing campaign to help them. Ringing a bell or making a matching contribution isn’t top of mind for you at all (you ring bells in December, after all), but here’s what you don’t know and why you might want to ring in July, too.

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Wanted: A good B.S.-detector app

This past weekend, Kevin took our three dogs and two grandsons to an area dog park, where four of the six were soon involved in a spirited game of dog Frisbee. Finally it was Patrick’s turn to throw, and his first toss was, by my husband’s measure, “fantastic!” The second throw, too, was better than Patrick’s usual performance and earned a lot of praise, as did the third. But the fourth toss, well, not so much.

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Boost your brand muscle with human stories, better integration

Author Annette Simmons was spot on with her book Whoever Tells the Best Story Wins. Communication must be clear, she acknowledged, but Simmons adds that a human presence in communications is too frequently replaced by desires to make information bite-sized — and that’s shortsighted at the expense of your brand. Your message should also be compelling, encouraging the reader or viewer to learn more. To add humanity into every communication, she added, you have to tell stories.

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