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with Jody Glynn Patrick


What’s your policy on hiring felons?

The least painful or expensive way to learn best business practices is not by making mistakes but rather by joining the IB family, where we highlight success stories and share cautionary tales about the missteps of others in workshops, in print, and online. Toward that goal, here’s another learning opportunity.

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Empathy cushion: It’s what’s missing in the executive suite

A survey of more than 600 employees conducted by consulting company Lee Hecht Harrison recently suggested that 58% of corporate managers fail to show empathy toward employees — to embrace a true understanding of another’s feelings or sentiments. This study underscores Gallup’s 2013 poll showing that only 13% of employees are engaged in their workplace.

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Gender bender: Let’s polish our executive presence, ladies!

Let’s get real: If more women are going to gain the workplace status so many of us deserve, we’re going to have to better use our intuitive skills because, as a gender-defined group, we are less likely than men to exude executive-level personas. Part of the problem is that, as a class, we are modest. We are people pleasers. We are, more often than our male counterparts, also judged to be perfectionists and risk-averse. However, we’re also (our saving graces) more intuitive and big picture-oriented.

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When to tell that wonderful investor, ‘Thanks, but no thanks’

Viewers of the popular investment/entertainment television program Shark Tank are very familiar with Kevin O’Leary, a Canadian businessman, investor, writer, and the show’s “Mr. Wonderful.” The reality program’s premise is simple: Entrepreneurs make a brief presentation to investors in hopes of earning a capital investment. O’Leary is one of five sharks/investors on the panel — the one who routinely wants the royalty deal, the “give me more equity for less investment” or the “loan interest into perpetuity” deal. He’s the one you want most to impress, perhaps, but he’s also the shark who takes the biggest bite.

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What you need to know about eye contact

Eye contact … you’ve been told that liars avoid it, so you purposely use a lot of it when trying to assure another person of your truthfulness. Surprise! Research with regard to deceptive nonverbal cues suggests that a liar actually will typically engage in more eye contact than a truth-teller. And guess what? Your audience innately knows that and responds accordingly. Too much direct eye contact, then, signals that you’re actually being disingenuous.

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