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Do’s and don’ts of the holiday office party

It’s time for the annual office holiday party. This is much more than just a celebration of the season. It’s a test, and you better believe that management is watching very carefully. So, how can you perform at your best?

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5 things celebrities can teach us about branding

Celebrities are masters of personal branding, so much so that some of them only need to go by one name.

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The consistency of stock market returns: Why market corrections are a feature, not a bug

Stock markets have been volatile so far in 2018, grabbing headlines and investors’ attention. Based on their news commentary, the financial media seems to believe the stock market exists to deliver reliable, positive returns year after year.

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Can Evers avoid same blunder with WEDC that Walker made with high-speed rail?

Eight years ago, Governor Walker entered office with a slightly flawed proposal for a high speed rail corridor from Chicago to Minneapolis sitting on his desk. He stopped the project — that was a mistake.

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The dangers of asbestos in the office: What to look out for

Asbestos and other harmful hazardous materials are often not thought about in work environments besides by those who are hands-on in occupational areas like construction, welding, or even firefighting. However, hazardous materials do exist across a variety of workplaces.

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