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5 ways employers can help curb health care costs during open enrollment

Technology continues to reshape how employers select and offer health care benefits to employees, putting access to information at our fingertips and creating a more seamless and interactive health care experience.

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Major IRS guidance recently released — Is your business prepared for year-end?

The adjusted tax brackets and the new higher standard deductions will certainly simplify individual tax returns. However, for business owners that may not be the case.

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7 signs your business needs a new strategic plan

The adage says that 10 minutes of planning saves an hour in execution. The same motto applies to running a business.

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ROI for charitable giving happens by connecting to the cause

When it comes to corporate donations, conventional wisdom advises businesses to focus charitable giving on a few main causes that match your organizational brand and/or mission for maximum impact.

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Franchising: A foolproof way to build retirement wealth

When it comes to long-term financial planning and wealth building, diversifying your portfolio is one of best ways to ensure your investment strategy is setting you up for a successful retirement.

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