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8 interior design trends for your office walls

Since people spend the majority of their waking hours in the office, corporations are making it a priority to make their office spaces as welcoming and pleasant as possible for their staff and visiting guests.

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Trade war or Game of Thrones?

If you aren't a GoT fan, then skip to the next paragraph. If you are, then you can appreciate how the current trade situation between China and the U.S. has all the drama of GoT.

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5 things leaders can learn from stand-up comedians

As you can imagine, stand-up comedy can make you a better presenter. After all, it’s one of the hardest forms of public speaking you’ll ever do (aside from effectively teaching second graders), which means if you can do OK in stand-up, all other types of business presentations will seem easier.

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What working in Mission Control taught me about product development

I had the coolest job in the world for a while. I helped assemble the International Space Station from one of the consoles in NASA’s Mission Control Center as a senior member of the ISS electrical power flight controller team.

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6 mistakes to avoid when designing for print

Designing for printed material, big and small, has requirements that don’t apply when you are designing for the web or social media. Here are some of the common mistakes printers see when files are submitted for printing.

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