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The problem with giving clients what they ask for

Nearly six years ago I fulfilled a lifelong dream and become a proud parent to a cute, energetic, sassy little shar-pei pup named Titus. Leading up to, and while becoming a pet parent, I read all that I could about training dogs, and I took Titus to puppy school to learn manners to become the best dog that he could be. I learned that when dogs are shy or skittish about doing certain things they might be afraid of or don’t like, such as bath time or nail trimming, that I should give him a premiere treat to help him associate what could be a not-so-pleasant experience with something that made him really happy, like a treat, so that he’d be more accepting and willing to participate in that activity without fear. Over the years, I tried a number of treats, continually...

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Navigating long-term care: From complexity to simplicity

We cannot control the aging process, but we can determine how we plan for it.

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5 tips for getting real about a career in real estate

From flexible hours to workplace independence and helping others secure one of their biggest investments, a career in real estate is certainly one to consider.

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Ready, set, go: The Rule of Three

What would have happened in 1776 if Thomas Jefferson had left it at “life and liberty”?

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The value the millennial mindset brings to the workplace

Regardless what we might believe about millennials, their beliefs and attitudes about work-life integration, feeling purposeful in the workplace, and health and wellness have added value to the workplace.

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