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How alumni can carry the Wisconsin Idea forward

When I came to UW–Madison from Dartmouth in 2002 to become the dean of the business school, I confess I didn’t fully appreciate the concept of the Wisconsin Idea.

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Seeking begins with an Idea

As business leaders of Milwaukee and Madison, we bet every day on the future of this great state.

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How to inspire your employees to become intrapreneurs

Employee satisfaction, stagnation, and productivity woes can eat away at a business. Fortunately for business owners, the intrapreneurial mindset can save any struggling team by creating a culture of celebration and innovation.

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What a successful young professional looks like in 2018

Even in the middle of the 20th century, “making it” professionally meant having a high-paying job and being a homeowner. However, in the last few decades we’ve sought personal fulfillment to a much greater degree.

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Proper policy and strategy honors the Wisconsin Idea

The very concept of the Wisconsin Idea is borne out of an innovative spirit.

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