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ACA update: Cadillac tax repeal within sight

Closure on the Cadillac Tax’s state of limbo now appears within sight. Three weeks ago, the House of Representatives, by a vote of 419–6, passed the repeal of the Cadillac Tax. The repeal must now go before the Senate and then to the president. Given the rare bipartisan support for this initiative, definitive action looks not only possible, but likely.

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Business betrayals: Protecting yourself from workplace treachery

In all relationships we trust others, believing that while they will look out for their own best interest, they will also respect ours. Unfortunately, that’s not always so.

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Your complete trade show marketing checklist

Planning to exhibit at a trade show or conference means juggling a lot of tasks and project management. Here’s a timetable to help you plan your company’s presence at the next sponsored event.

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Giving the current market environment a good sniff

Last week, I participated in a corporate retreat located in far northern Wisconsin. During the retreat, we heard that there is science supporting the importance of being outdoors for our physical and mental health.

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Are we succeeding with the ‘buy local’ movement?

Buy local. You’ve probably seen reminder signs with messages like this around town. For most of us, we know we should buy locally, but do we follow through?

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