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Planning opportunities under the CARES Act

While the CARES Act has several different provisions and areas of focus, the purpose of this blog is to focus on some key planning opportunities created by this Act.

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What I learned my first week at home

My job is to be an extrovert and represent our company in the community. My typical day involves meeting numerous people in person, cultivating existing relationships, and developing new ones. With the onset of COVID-19, my calendar started getting wiped clean with cancellations and I had to come up with a new plan — FAST!

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Connecting amid coronavirus: Some advice for lonely extroverts

When suddenly faced with indefinite isolation, the collapse of all events and social outings, the end of networking opportunities (often multiple events per week), and the inability to have face-to-face interactions or group discussions, the effects can be emotionally draining and utterly depressing for even the most positive extrovert.

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COVID-19: Strategies to overcome the current challenges

In a time when things are changing day to day, how do you keep business running as usual? Is it possible? What pieces need to be in place to ensure your business will endure? These are all questions we've been hearing from our clients in the last week.

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OSHA record-keeping considerations for workplace exposures to COVID-19

While OSHA specifically exempts employers from recording incidents of employees contracting “common colds and the flu” in the workplace, the agency noted that COVID-19 is not exempt.

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