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5 tips to win at working remotely

Here’s the stark truth: remote working is not a panacea. Sure, it seems like hanging around at home in your jimjams, listening to your antisocial music, and sipping on buckets of coffee is perfect, but it isn’t for everyone.

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A 4-step business plan that will have you looking forward to the next recession

The highest-performing companies don’t fear recessions — they look forward to them. The idea sounds counterintuitive, we know. What possible reason would a business leader have to want an economic downturn?

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Understanding the Department of Labor's final overtime rules

For the last three years we have been writing about the new overtime rule under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The rule, primarily aimed at increasing the outdated salary thresholds for the “white collar” overtime exemptions, was first proposed under the Obama Administration.

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Time to stop scapegoating health insurance companies for high health care costs

Health insurance companies are on trial, and the charges are theft, deception, and even murder. Many Americans find the health care system’s cost, complexity, and quality to be criminal, but have we apprehended the right suspect?

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Becoming a sustainable business is an ongoing journey

“Be more sustainable.” It’s a challenge that many savvy business owners take to heart.

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