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October 2015


We have Fed lift-off? Not so fast

This week, the U.S. Federal Reserve was widely expected to leave interest rates unchanged at the conclusion of its meeting. While market-based estimates of Fed lift-off point to low odds of a rate increase this year, we, along with many economists, expect the Fed to raise rates at its December meeting. The key will be for economic data to generally improve.

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Is Social Security’s first crisis next year?

Next year at this time an event many politicians assure us is far in the future is expected to occur: One of the two funds comprising Social Security — Disability Insurance (DI) ― will be depleted.

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What’s the story behind your new EMV cards?

Even if you are among the more than 120 million Americans who already have received new credit or debit cards with embedded microchips, you might not know the full story behind the switch to the more secure technology. Effective Oct. 1, new rules shift liability for fraudulent transactions to card issuers or retailers who have not upgraded to microchip technology.

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Data points to slower economic activity in Q3

September retail sales were disappointing and industrial production continued sliding in the United States. Inflation also remained under pressure, with falling consumer and producer prices.

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Investors seem to expect a continued delay to Fed liftoff

Markets continue to focus on policymakers, particularly with last week’s light roster of data. The debate continues over prospects for Federal Reserve liftoff this year, with Fed speakers continuing to emphasize a rate increase remains likely for this year. However, market prices indicate investors are placing odds at around one in three.

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Lasting impressions

​Greetings one last time from Team Community Partnerships! It’s hard to believe that six months has passed since our team decided to participate in the IB Get Fit Challenge! We’ve really learned to appreciate the importance of striking that balance between taking care of others and taking care of ourselves, and have also acquired new ways of implementing and maintaining that balance.

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Sequence of returns – A significant risk that should not be ignored

Recent market volatility provides a vivid reminder that markets rarely go up or down steadily. And when markets trend down at a time when an investor is approaching or recently entered retirement, this can be cause for real concern. In fact, sequence of returns is one of the biggest potential risks to a retirement portfolio. Sequence of returns is the order in which investors experience returns.

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Can we count on a Fed liftoff before 2016?

Global economic data continues to be evaluated by market participants through the lens of potential Federal Reserve actions.

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It’s up to me

I’m comfortable being alone. As an only child, I learned at a young age how to amuse myself when a friend wasn’t available to play. As an adult, I work at home and love having the freedom to do what I want, when I want.

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Political transition, VW emissions, and the Fed add uncertainty to markets

Politics and policy remained front and center for markets last week. The news that Volkswagen (VW) had “cheated” on U.S. emissions tests for its diesel engines reduced market confidence as we also waited for Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen to clarify confounding Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting comments from Sept. 17.

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