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October 2013


Want larger budgets for marketing campaigns? Focus on analytics

A few weeks back, I was privileged to speak on a panel for the Madison chapter of the Public Relations Society of America. My panel mates were Barb Hernandez, president of BCHOnPoint and a partner with Glynn Patrick & Associates, and Melissa Johnson of Shoutlet. We were asked to talk about measurement … how PR and marketing professionals can measure the success of their campaigns.

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Think global: Is your next business opportunity international?

Over the past few decades the world has grown smaller and we’ve learned that international trade is no longer the privilege of larger corporations. Many small and medium-sized businesses are getting into the act. If you want to take your company to the next level (don’t we all?), your next big opportunity might well be outside the United States.

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One proven way to help prevent employee burnout

America, land of the strong and brave! The satirical newspaper The Onion summarizes us this way: “Life, liberty, and the reckless pursuit of happiness at any cost — even life and liberty.” Although it’s a joke, it hits on a deeper truth. What exactly are we pursuing at such a dizzying pace?

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How not to get hired: Bring your parents to your job interview

For several years I have presented How to Get Fired! on college campuses across the country, where I try to help college students prepare for their professional life by telling them everything they shouldn’t do once they apply for and then receive a job. Tucked into my suggestions that they should show up drunk, write everything like it’s a text, and skip work on days they just don’t feel like doing anything, I also encourage them to bring their parents to interviews as a way to show employers how completely incapable they are of doing anything on their own.

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Can we apply good consumer habits to health care? Heck yes

Ponder this: Your roof suddenly starts leaking after a bad storm. First thing in the morning you call your insurance adjuster, check out potential contractors with friends, and then get a couple of bids for the job. After picking the best — but not necessarily the cheapest — bid, you’re confident your roof will be fixed right. That’s being a smart consumer, right?

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Cyber liability: Not just for technology businesses anymore

Our IT manager recently ran a list of attempted hacking breaches on our server. The results astonished me: a 60-page, single-spaced report listing all of the attempts … just in a 24-hour period! Up until recently, the most significant risks that a business faced were related to bodily injury or property damage. For many businesses, all the data about employees, vendors, customers, and operations has created an even larger loss exposure.

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