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Nov 21, 201712:18 PMOpen Mic

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Putting the human back in human resources

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We are always being “onboarded” to new ideas, initiatives, customers, goals, and projects, so the opportunities to connect, grow, and share are ever present. Through extensive primary research, I learned onboardings, kick-offs, inductions, and typical HR processes were painful to most people, primarily because these processes completely lost the human perspective in exchange for paperwork.

What if there were modern resources to guide the day-one welcoming process as an overall employee journey that helps bring out the best in all of us? In fact, there are tools specifically designed to augment human connection, meaning, autonomy, and culture in the workplace. It’s a concept that sounded absurd just 10 or 15 years ago— after all, boomers claim to have never needed such squishy things at their jobs! Times have changed and will continue to change even more rapidly. Putting the human back in HR is needed more than ever because innovation, growth, and great culture is founded on trust. Trust is a human need. It starts on day one and no microchip implantation is needed.

Scott Kohl is co-founder and CEO of ThirdSpace, a Madison-based startup developing online tools to improve employee engagement.

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Nov 22, 2017 08:20 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

Excellent ideas. I had a job once where I was ridiculously wooed to take the position (flowers sent to my house?) but once I arrived on site it was a nightmare. No one helped me with anything - I had to chase down the payroll person for three days to get my paperwork done! That job lasted a week. I was outta there. Fortunately I found something far better than has lasted nearly 8 years.

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