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November 2017


5 reasons why your ‘old-school industry’ needs to care about a culture of innovation

Innovation isn’t about the latest technology trends. It happens because you have the right culture in your organization.

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Wisconsin needs to reform its medical school admissions procedures

The reason we pay abnormally high prices for physician services is that we have to bribe physicians from other states to work in Wisconsin with higher pay, higher benefits, and lower workloads.

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Putting the human back in human resources

Recently I saw a post from an HR director in LinkedIn’s “largest HR group.” They were asking for help creating a title for their newly revamped process of “inducting” new hires.

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Ho, ho, host liquor liability

The holiday season is officially upon us, and for many this means that festive parties are right around the corner.

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6 key steps to follow when running a meeting

I have run thousands of meetings over the course of my career; frankly, I wish there were fewer.

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An approach to socially responsible investing

If you are among the millions of Americans trying to round out their socially responsible lifestyle with investments, you may be uncertain how to ensure your investments align with the values you strive to uphold.

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