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May 2014


Market and economic update: April saw improved housing activity

A lack of economic data last week led to modest market volatility, although the S&P 500 did reach a new record high. Data in the United States seemed to affirm that the economic recovery is intact. Housing activity improved in April as both existing and new home sales improved from March.

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Should you convert 401(k) savings to a Roth?

Recent legislative changes allow retirement plans to offer in-plan Roth conversions in which participants can convert any existing vested, pre-tax savings into a Roth account. After conversion, all balances, including any subsequent gains, can be withdrawn income tax free at retirement. Following is a guide to help employees understand in-plan Roth conversions and who is most likely to benefit from them.

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Data architect has designs on healthier lifestyle

I wouldn’t be getting up every morning to be at the gym by 5:15 if it weren’t for the wellness assessment TDS Telecom offered at work this year. It was a sweet deal — take the (anonymous) online assessment and get a $130 credit toward my insurance premiums for the year. I invested the 20 minutes, answered a bunch of questions, and my detailed report came back. I was expecting a lot of flattering stuff, to be honest.

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Kollath CPA’s Get Fit team vows to hit its numbers

It was a challenge for all of us to stay committed to healthy eating and consistent workouts during tax season. But now that our busy time has ended, we are ready to give 110% and make our goals a reality. I asked my teammates and myself this simple question: Why did you want to be on Kollath CPA’s Get Fit team?

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Dean Clinic employee embarks on new fitness journey

When I completed the application for the Get Fit Challenge, I never thought I would be chosen. When I got the email telling me that I had been picked, it came at a great time in my life. I was in the middle of switching jobs (something MUCH better!), had just finalized my divorce, and had the mindset to start a new path in my life. My hope is that the Get Fit Challenge will keep me accountable and instill healthy habits.

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Data specialist counts down the pounds

When asked if they were interested in participating in the IB Get Fit Challenge, an overwhelming number of TURIS team members immediately responded. Sharing a desire to lose weight, get in better shape, and gain more energy, our excitement could not be contained! Whether it’s wanting to look fit in a tux for a summer wedding or preparing for a triathlon, we all have personal goals to attain.

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How you can honor Wisconsin’s veterans this Memorial Day — and year-round

After more than six decades, finally, a hero’s welcome. The Dane County Airport was the scene of a jubilant homecoming for 86 World War II and 17 Korean War veterans on Saturday night.

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Market and economic update for the week of May 12

Last week was light in terms of U.S. data, although Janet Yellen’s Capitol Hill testimony seemed to indicate the U.S. economy is on the right track. Her testimony indicated she believes the economy was emerging relatively healthy from the winter slump of colder-than-normal weather and larger-than-normal amounts of snowfall.

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Great Wolf employee gets fierce support in fitness journey

As I sit here after a really tough workout (with a heating pad and ice pack, I might add), I can’t help but think about all the “whys” running through my head and how I got here. Why did I let myself gain so much weight? Why did I stop working out eons ago? Why did I not push myself harder? Why did I not make healthier food choices?

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Employer Group president gets off the weight-loss seesaw

Neumaier round out the team. I am the poster child for yo-yoing weight. No, I never really got into all of those fad diets. Instead, I tried pretty much every weight-loss program you can think of. Step aerobics (flashback to the 90s!)? Did it. Jillian Michaels’ Workout Program (from The Biggest Loser)? Did those videos, too. I even tried P90X — no idea what I was thinking on that one.

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‘Stupid’ Get Fit contestant grabs some dumbbells

Because I’m stupid. That’s why I’m taking part in the In Business Get Fit Challenge. Not really, but in the past few weeks I have had that thought go through my mind more than a few times. Exercising regularly and eating healthy can be hard. That being said, I am starting to enjoy the challenge.

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VP passes up pizza in pursuit of fitness

So it started when I was dressed in full firefighter PPE: boots, bunker pants, coat, helmet, hood, mask, air pack. I was in the “burn tower” at Madison College and we were doing a training exercise, hauling a charged hose line through the window and down the stairs. It was about 90 degrees outside and at least twice that inside.

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