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March 2019


You probably don’t need this popular annuity product

You may be hearing a lot about cryptocurrency or other “hot” investments, but one of the most popular investment products over the last 20 years has been something called an equity (or fixed) index annuity (EIA).

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Up in smoke? New Wisconsin governor proposes marijuana legalization and host of new employment laws

Wisconsin employers reviewing Gov. Tony Evers’ very first budget proposal may be surprised at the number of employment-related items.

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The advantage of Section 179 for business equipment financing

Section 179 might sound like part of a football stadium, a concert hall, or a military court martial, but if you buy or finance business equipment, you’ll want to know about this part of the IRS tax code that could help save your business money on important business equipment acquisitions.

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3 reasons online marketplaces help small businesses choose health insurance

In this digital age, online benefits marketplaces render finding employee insurance for your employees as modern and straightforward as searching for and buying other high-ticket items such as automobiles or homes.

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Worry about cybercrime? You’re not alone

Nearly a quarter of Americans were victims of cybercrime last year, according to Gallup’s 2018 crime survey data.

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