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March 2018


Impacts of Wisconsin’s local employment law preemption bill

On March 22, the Wisconsin State Assembly passed a bill to preempt local governments from enacting and enforcing ordinances related to a multitude of employment matters.

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UW-industry partnerships yield better solutions

Wisconsin agriculture is making big news. As we embark on new global partnerships and get set to break fresh ground, let’s take a moment to reflect on the Wisconsin Idea.

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Budget for transition: Financial checklist for smart succession planning

When it comes to succession planning, company leadership often considers and plans for the impact of a change in management style and corporate vision. Many companies, however, fail to consider the financial impact of such a major transition, even if all other aspects of a change in leadership are a resounding success.

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New tax law makes business property tax assessments even more important

Property taxes can amount to a substantial share of the annual operating costs for income-producing properties and any savings go straight to the business’ bottom line.

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On the shoulders of giants: Innovation and the Wisconsin Idea the old-fashioned way

More than a century ago, Wisconsin served as the birthplace for a series of blue chip industrial giants. The likes of Harley-Davidson and Johnson Controls, or engine makers like Fairbanks Morse and Briggs & Stratton, were the bold startups of the day.

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How your rights to family leave could change

With the recent 25th anniversary of the Family and Medical Leave Act, here’s a look back — and a look ahead to where it could go next.

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Why you need to stop talking to start leading

Social interactions no longer seem to be two-way. Whether with friends, colleagues, new acquaintances, or even family members, the common courtesies of asking questions and listening have given way to an urgent need to speak and be heard.

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